My Story

Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Dan Acfield comes from a long line of musicians; his grandfather was a bass player for the Channel 9 Orchestra in Adelaide and his great-great grandfather played double bass for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. So music is in his blood.  Perhaps this is why Dan and his sister Hannah have endured success in their duo ‘The Acfields’ and have established a national presence through regular touring, musical output and media acclaim.

Dan didn't always team up with his sister, though. Once upon a time, Dan and Hannah’s sibling rivalry was way too strong for the prospect of being involved in a duo to be likely, so following studying music at TAFE and then at Uni, Dan branched out solo and was front-man of the band 'Dear April' from 2008 to 2010. The band’s greatest successes ironically came not long after they split; Dan’s song written with Dear April, 'Red, Yellow and Blue' was acclaimed by Alex Dyson (Triple J) to be "one excellent tune" and then received highly commended in the QSong competition (now Queensland Music Awards). Rage also made the Red, Yellow and Blue film clip their Indie Clip of the Week.

Determined to establish himself further as a solo artist, in 2011 Dan released his solo EP 'Thick Skin' (currently sold out in hardcopy, sorry) and started to earn his bootstraps by touring Australia, as well as the UK for the first time. Upon returning from overseas, the Dan and Hannah Acfield partnership became an obvious progression and the duo haven really looked back since. However, since both live in different cities (Dan lives in Brisbane, Hannah in Melbourne), Dan still keeps himself busy with multitudes of solo gigs and other projects in his home city. In solo mode, Dan delivers soaring but versatile vocals, controlled guitar playing and masterful songwriting, stylistically drawing from somewhere between the musical worlds of folk, pop and Americana. He also runs a music industry related podcast, called The Well Rounded Musician and recently received Highly Commended in the Queensland Music Awards for cowriting The Acfields' song 'The Years'.